542 Digital team with Relevance SEO

In January 2016 we were delighted to welcome the Relevance Web team into our world. They are an award-winning, multilingual outfit of SEO and SEM specialists with offices in Paris, Nice, the French Alps, the USA, and now London where they join forces with us in our building in Wimbledon. Their services and specialisms complement those of 542 Digital, allowing us, as partners, to offer expertise in SEO and SEM alongside bespoke back-end development, data management and web design from a single source.

Relevance specialises in website marketing and digital PR for the luxury market: real estate, aviation, yachting and luxury travel, their services include:

Search Engine Optimisation SEO

Relevance offer website auditing, keyword and competition research, on-page SEO and off-page SEO techniques to promote your website into top 3 positions. Their SEO consultants apply consumer data and creative thinking to increase the visibility of your website ahead of the competition. Their SEO team can to promote your website for the most competitive search terms and increase qualified leads using targeted SEO strategies.

Keyword research

The identification of core and long-tail keywords is crucial to a successful online marketing campaign. By researching vital consumer and competition data Relevance Web Marketing can reveal how consumers are searching for your products and services and what the competition are doing.

Segmentation and categorisation of all keywords – the SEO sitemap

Relevance Web’s segmentation and categorisation research, the SEO site map, separates us from the competition. Definitive keywords are extensively categorised into product segments which aids the ongoing reporting and monitoring of keyword positioning and outlines page optimisation objectives.

Multilingual keyword research

Discover which countries, regions or cities provide the most search traffic for your website. Localisation and language considerations are essential to multilingual websites. Relevance Web Marketing offer keyword research in the following languages: English, American (yes slightly different), French, Italian, German, Dutch, Arabic, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, and Spanish).

Online competition analysis

Reveal your position amongst your competition through sector competitor research

  • Who’s ranking for the best keywords?
  • Which websites are attracting the most people?
  • What opportunities are there to grow?
  • Where are your business’s weaknesses?
  • How can your business improve in search engine rankings?
  • What features are missing on your site?

Relevance can report on high-ranking websites competing for the same keywords as your own.  Competitor research allows you to compare and analyse, in great detail, the relative strengths and weaknesses of your competitor websites. Online competitors are not the same as high street competitors; any website ranking well for keywords which are relevant to you is a competitor. Relevance Web Marketing assesses the search space, helping you position your website correctly. Up-to-date SEO techniques allow you to out-perform the competition so that you can truly lead the way online.

On-site Optimisation

On-site SEO includes the optimisation of the layout, architecture, code and content. Websites are optimised to help users and search engine robots find pages and content easily. Relevance Web Marketing optimise websites ethically and according to Google’s guidelines.

Local SEO

20% of Google searches by month are for local businesses

Local SEO has many advantages in that it lets local businesses compete with larger businesses. If you have a shop front or a local office, you will be able to get a spot on the Google Map. The great thing about being positioned on Google Maps is that you are visible to people searching ‘above’ the fold. Relevance Web Marketing can submit your business to Google Places, Yahoo Local, Bing Local Listing Centre, and Facebook Places. Once you are listed we can optimise your account for certain keywords that you want to appear for.

Off-site SEO

Qualitative link building services for your business
Once your website has been optimised or primed for search engines you will need to promote the website to attain premium rankings. Relevance Web Marketing has a powerful selection of online marketing tools to promote your website to the top of search engines as well as obtaining quality referral traffic.

Relevance are perfect partners for 542 Digital, we look forward to working with them, combining our expertise in bespoke back-end development, security and data management with their skills in promotion and marketing.