Ensuring consistent data

542 Digital designed and built a financial data server system for the World Gold Trust Services and State Street Global Advisors. The custom-built system not only harvests, processes and publishes ETF performance data on the website spdrgoldshares.com it also supplies regular outgoing data feeds to stakeholders.


Data feeds

The data in these feeds include rolling share prices and IOPV feeds (updated every 60 seconds); Closing prices for the product’s primary and secondary listings, and performance calculations.


We have been working with World Gold Trust Services in New York and State Street Global Advisors in Boston, Singapore and Hong Kong for over 10 years, streamlining the system, and refining the processes it uses to turn raw data into meaningful information. That information is published on the website in the form of easily understood dynamic charts and at the same time fed directly to the technical teams at State Street in formats that will integrate seamlessly with their internal systems in the form of XML feeds or .psv files.


Performance calculations include Share price and Net Asset Value performances (both cumulative and annualised) versus gold price benchmarks, as well as Tracking Difference and Tracking Error for date ranges from 1 month to 10 year.


Dynamic charts

Financial data: Tracking Difference graph

Tracking Difference graph

Calculations for local exchanges use the time-stamped foreign exchange rates to ensure accuracy and to meet stringent industry regulations.


Just as all incoming feeds are monitored for their availability and timely updates as well as the validity of the data they contain; outgoing data is checked and validated before it is passed on to 3rd parties. If our monitoring system detects an inconsistency we will liaise, on behalf of our clients, directly with the Exchange in question to validate the data or rectify any anomalies.


The fund currently has assets under management worth more than 27 billion US Dollars and we have been looking after the site and managing performance data since 2004.