Project management, co-ordinating teams around the world

Frequently our clients ask us to help out with the planning and project management services from other suppliers. We are happy to help, after all our client’s success is our own gain.

The World Gold Council’s team in India had devised a marketing plan to coincide with a new gold coin launch in India. They had appointed a marketing, design and development team in India with the required local knowledge to produce the project in both Hindi and English. Our help was needed to integrate their application into the wider World Gold Council infrastructure and website eco system. In addition there was a hard deadline to contend with.

All of this meant that introducing a large team to a complex environment in limited time could not be done remotely. Skype calls and desktop sharing was never going to cut it.

Expert project management saves time and money

Our technical lead travelled to Mumbai with the World Gold Council’s UK digital and brand management team. This meant we could meet and greet all those involved and explain in detail the platform and technology requirements. It also meant we could provide guidance in the strategic decisions for the digital campaign and accurately gauge traffic levels and capacity requirements.

At the same time we could grant access to the secure code repositories, relevant documentation, project management (Slack and Asana if you’re interested) and internal bug tracking systems.

This short trip saved the World Gold Council countless days in out of hours management time when dealing with the time difference.

Once back in the UK we closely monitored the development process, coordinating build deployments to our quality assurance platform for client review, UX and load testing. The site was taken live and the hard deadline was met.