Keep on trucking

Nicholls Transport are a large logistics company based in Kent.

After going through a branding exercise they turned their attention to their WordPress website. Cost was a major factor, and they also wanted to bring the website management in house. It naturally needed to work across many devices also.

The design

In order to bring this project to fruition we advised the client to ask their brand designer to create a website design based around a pre existing, commercial WordPress theme. The Photoshop templates included within the WordPress theme gave the designers the tools they needed. Photography and drone footage was collated and carefully mocked up for approval by the client. A lot of money had been spent on branding and asset collation, and naturally the client wanted to make the most of their considerable investment.


The build and implementation

Once approval was gained, 542 Digital stepped in to produce the website. We carefully customised the theme to the exact design specifications. We also introduced our own modifications to ensure the day to day management of the site content was simple. We also wrote an extensive user manual on how to update content within the website.

During this process we also began the search to find a suitable web host.

At 542 Digital, the longevity of a project is an important consideration. We don’t want our projects to have a shelf life of a few months and we intend that they should live for years. With a WordPress installation this means ensuring that the website has a clear upgrade path and can be easily updated automatically. More often than not, updating is overlooked which is why WordPress gets hacked so often. We had to find a way that Nicholls Transport could get on with their logistics business and not worry about whether or not their site was getting updated.

Most other agencies would immediately offer an expensive retainer to do this, but that’s not our style. Its also not really best practice as the Agency X will never be about to apply a patch at midnight on a Saturday just as WordPress release information about the latest threat. are WordPress specific hosts, offering an automated upgrade path for WordPress. This means that the pesky security patches that get issued in the middle of the night, and often need to be implemented immediately, are done automatically by WP Engine themselves. This is at a cost significantly less than your average agency would charge.

So Nicholls Transport have an easy to use website CMS, and 542 Digital can sleep at night knowing that the Nicholls Transport website will be secure going into the future.