Digital developers we need you!

Our agency needs you! Freelance or full time digital developers, if you like the sound of working in London or Brighton in a brilliant environment, read on.

Please note that we aren’t specifying qualifications or experience in our job descriptions below. We think you will know whether or not you will fit the bill. If not, be honest, explain how you are willing to learn, if we like you we can train you up.

Tell us why you’d like to work for us…

Recruitment agencies… if you ring us we will hang up.

Freelancers… you can work remotely but we insist on a few days in the office per project. At first simply to brief you in (and to instil our confidence in you), and then later for the final push, it all depends on what you are working on.

Full timers… you get to choose the machine you want on the platform you need. And a monster monitor. Also boring stuff like a pension and health insurance.

You’ll notice a common requirement in all the jobs below: documentation. We push this as service to all our clients and require all our developers to write good documentation. As a business, we, and by definition our clients, are sunk without it.

Front end developers

LESS, SASS and javascript geniuses required.

You will need an eye for design detail, and a feel for common sense UX design work. What we don’t like is developers you simply throw in code from Stack Overflow. We do like developers who can write their own libraries for the problem at hand.

What you will work on:

  • Theming
  • Data display, charting and dashboards
  • High level interactive features
  • Designing user workflows and journeys
  • Documentation

What skills you need:

  • Photoshop and Illustrator is useful
  • Git (this is a must, and preferably from the command line)
  • LESS/SASS compilation skills
  • Native javascript, Angular, d3, jQuery etc
  • Adaptive language skills, so you’re not afraid of doing a bit of back end if required
  • Writing documentation

Tell us why you’d like to work for us…

Back end developers

LAMP developers required.

You will be a genius from the command line, and happy connecting disparate APIs and applications together.

Everything we do _always_ has a bespoke element to it, as such its difficult to describe the skill set you will need beyond the LAMP acronym; increasingly it does now include a bit of casper/node JS or whatever gets the job done.

What you will work on:

  • Configuring physical devices, VMs and cloud instances with Redhat and/or Ubuntu flavours
  • Installing and configuring popular CMSs
  • Building Laravel (at the moment) applications, other PHP frameworks as required
  • Creating useful, intuitive APIs for the frontend and mobile developers to use
  • Implementing fluid and easy to manage deployment solutions for our client’s projects
  • Configuring and integrating SAAS solutions into client projects
  • Documentation

What skills you will need

  • CLI fluency
  • Git and CasperJS
  • MySQL (not quite a DBA, but almost)
  • PHP and its frameworks
  • Lucene / ElasticSearch is a bonus.
  • Writing documentation

Tell us why you’d like to work for us…

Mobile developers

Cross platform mobile developer geniuses required.

You will be happy in a sea of devices, tinkering away, prodding screens. You will impress yourself and others at what you produce.

What you will work on:

  • iOS and Android, with a smattering of Windows
  • Location aware applications
  • Video chat
  • Ecommerce systems
  • Documentation

What skills you will need

  • Native platform coding skills (when required)
  • Phonegap (when native isn’t required)
  • Writing documentation

Tell us why you’d like to work for us…